For a start, the young division works at creating special fertilizers or plant food that urban customers would appreciate and trust – The trust that only a Kothari brand can offer.

Plant food comprises of Nitrogen for leaf growth and ‘greening’ of plants, Phosphates for root growth and Potash for healthy flowering. Other than these, trace elements in requisite proportions are part of our compound fertilizers.

Urban nurseries, kitchen gardens, flowering and fruit plants, lawns and coconut trees are the first beneficiaries of the KICL urban marketing initiatives.

Koco Mix:

It is a special fertilizer for all types of coconut trees, promising higher yields and healthier trees. The mix contains essential nutrients Nitrogen (Neem Oil Coated Urea), Phosphorous and Potassium. The Boron add-on prevents fruit-falling.



K.Blossom is a mixture of Nitrogen (Neem Oil Coated Urea),Phosphorous, Potassium and micro-nutrients which supply all the essential nutrients for flowering plants, fruit bearing and ornamental plants, giving them the nutrition to bloom and bear more.