What is Urban Agriculture?

Urban agriculture is about growing plants and raising animals within and around cities, integrated into the urban economic and ecological system. It uses urban residents as active participants, uses urban resources viz., organic waste as compost and urban wastewater for irrigation, directly impacts urban ecology and can alter the urban living conditions in many positive ways.

Why is KICL backing Urban Agriculture?

Urban India has in the last 2 decades seen more people going to bed hungry. Despite the green revolution, despite the surpluses left to rot in FCI warehouses, despite the well-intentioned food policies of successive governments, more than 350 million Indians are food insecure, and a large percentage of them are from urban India. And that is exactly why KICL believes urban agriculture can make a difference.

If that is not enough reason to add value to urban agricultural methodologies, there are 3 more as to why urban agriculture matters at KICL.

Natural medicines for all

The poor spend between 40 and 60% of their scarce income on food and almost 15% on health care and medicine. The production of medicinal plants and derived products – infusions, extracts, and essences – facilitates access to health care for the very poor and marginalized.

Recycling wastes and wastewater can help ensure food security in cities

Only 2% of the waste produced in our cities is treated properly. Thousands of cubic meters of wastewaters are not being used or are treated at a high cost. These can be transformed, however, into excellent sources of natural fertilizer, irrigation water, and nutritional supplements for animals.

Creating low-cost employment and generating income

Urban agriculture generates employment at a low cost in relation to the estimated costs of other productive sectors. Creating a job costs less than US $ 400, an investment that can be recovered through micro-credits.

The benefits in terms of food, health, the environment, and job creation explain why KICL believes in making municipalities develop and modernize their urban agriculture programs.

KICL’s urban marketing initiatives are aimed at delivering value to the urban ecology of India.

The Urban Agro Products are marketed under a new division ‘URBAN MARKETING DIVISION’.

For enquiries and information, please get in touch with Mr.K.Varadarajan Senior Manager.