India is an agricultural land that never stands still. Increasing globalization. Rapidly evolving technology. A changing generation of Indian farmers and consumers.

These are the very forces that are moving KICL to seek a more collaborative, flexible and global approach – we call it the Face of Indian Agriculture. And we’re helping producers and consumers, across the country to take advantage of their immediate world today.

At KICL we believe that the future of Indian agriculture has already arrived. In fact, we don’t need to look too far to see the future of agriculture and its emerging trends – Because, in certain pockets of the country, what is happening in R&D labs is already being implemented and embraced. And those who have taken their bold dreams to the fields are the ones who will set the trend for the rest to follow.

We are with them.

That’s why, in addition to developing our own products, we also partner and collaborate with others to develop technologies for farmers.We are constantly rethinking traditional ways of reaching our farmers and distributors; working and changing how they reach their consumers and markets. We are driven by our commitment to develop innovative methods that sustain agricultural production. This commitment leads us to bring agro inputs that improve farmers’ lives by helping them be more productive while using fewer resources – leading to a reduced overall burden on the environment.

We also partner with State Governments, State Agriculture Universities and other leading Agricultural Institutions on developmental work. Additionally, we work with rural youth to ensure that the right expertise and knowledge reaches them, all year round. We help our network of stakeholders find new methods to increase productivity and gain competitive advantage

At KICL we go by this commitment to innovate and make a difference.

We believe we are creating a future that will leave a positive imprint on the environment and on farmers’ lives.