My yield has increased and so has my income in the last 7 years since I started using fertilizers from the Kotharis. My sincere thanks to KICL    
– C. Pushpakaran, Farmer from Lalapettai. 
He gets his stock from C.M.Maarimuthu Fertilizers, Lalapettai, Tamil Nadu.

   Last year I was counseled by field representatives from Kotharis, to use Bio-SHAKTHI to increase my yield for Urad. And it has worked wonders. I used it twice on the 25th and the 45th day. I took back 9 bags, from one acre!    
– K.Thangaraj, Mattangal, Gandharvakottai, Pudukottai, TN. 

   Last year I used Kothari’s Bio-SHAKTI, and my yield for turmeric has increased to 30 quintals for an acre – 6 quintals more than the yield of the previous years. On harvest, I made a additional profit of Rs.51,000/- Thanks to Kotharis agro-inputs and fertilizers – I’ve now started using them even in my nurseries.    
– T.Subramani, Nammagavundan Palayam, TN 

   I raise turmeric and cane sugar using drip-irrigation methods. After using Kotharis products, my turmeric yield has increased from 20 to 27 quintals per acre. I am so happy with the results that I am recommending their products to other farmers as well. Thank you Kotharis!    
– P.ManikkaSundaram, Eenjam Palli Post, Erode, TN.

   I’ve been into raising turmeric crop for the past 15 years. Last year, I started using Kotharis products, and my crop yield has jumped from 20 to 25 quintals per acre. I’ve had a profit of Rs.35,000/- more! I am thankful to Kotharis and their representatives for educating me.    
– S.Nallasivam, Sivagiri, TN.