Pradip D Kothari, Chairman

Pradip D Kothari has been the Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of Kothari Industrial Corporation Limited (KICL) since 1981.He is responsible for creating KICL’s vision and chalking out the marketing, research and production milestones towards achieving the vision. As CMD, Pradip D Kothari has extensive management experience and has pioneered the various expansions of KICL from Fertilizers to Tea plantations, Granite and Breweries. Under his leadership, KICL scaled its infrastructure and diversified its product offerings while maintaining a strong culture of innovation. He is recognized and respected in the corporate world for his hands-on understanding of the Indian farmer’s needs.

A successful businessman, Pradip D.Kothari was the Honorary Consul for South Korea in Chennai, for Southern India during the period August 1989 to August 1999. He was also the past President of Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (South India Council and National), Hindustan Chamber of Commerce, Round Table India, member of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, Indo-French Chamber of Commerce, etc.He has also served as the Secretary of the World Council of Young Men’s Service Clubs.

He received a graduate degree in Economics from the University of Madras.


Mr.J.RAFIQ AHMED, Vice Chairman and Managing Director

Mr. J Rafiq Ahmed hails from the iron & steel industry and was involved in his family business since childhood days. As a strategic investor and Director in Kothari Industrial Corporation Limited (KICL), Mr. J Rafiq Ahmed works closely with company to apply his holistic approach to business operations and to face the challenges of the future by helping the Kothari Group to enhance its business plans and has become Vice-Chairman & Managing Director of the company.

Born with an entrepreneur’s spirit JINNAH RAFIQ, Proprietor, Parveen Roadways has established his firm’s reputation as a professional contractor in ICF and Southern Railways where he has proved his experience in understanding the workshop environment and provide the quality specialized services to the contracts undertaken. He founded Parveen Roadways in 1994 with a vision to establish an organisation capable of providing end to end services in the railway sector. Till date he has been immensely successful in fulfilling that vision, having proven himself to be an astute leader and businessman. With his educational background and vast experience gained in client advisory, operation and maintenance of Railway projects, Mr Rafiq has acquired deep knowledge of the nuances and intricacies of railway systems and has successfully promoted the firm from a humble beginning to a leading contractor firm today.

He is the entrepreneur & the Director of Gemini Iron &Steel Pvt Ltd, which under his leadership has carved its niche in the quality conscious market.

He has broad experience in various business divisions and industries and an excellent understanding of the overall operations of his companies.

Mr.Dilip Machado, Director (Independent)

Mr.Dilip Machado (DIN 06895289) is an Independent Director on the Board of M/s.Kothari Industrial Corporation Limited effective 31st March 2015.

He is a third generation entrepreneur coming from the eminent I.S.Machado Business Group which has been in the business of Shipping ,C&F, etc. since 1928. He has had an outstanding career in Shipping Logistics, both Domestic & International for over 27 years, during which he has developed a firm understanding of the complexities of International markets. He is on the Board of I.S.Machado Logistics Pvt.Ltd. as a Wholetime Director.

He has extensive and diverse experience managing all aspects of Supply Chain, Trade Compliance (Import/Export), Logistics (Inbound & Outbound) and Procurement and also recognized for his ability to ensure compliance with all relevant domestic and foreign import and export laws.

He is a dedicated individual who adapts to changing environments while meeting all requirements and challenges. His personal skills include entire process vision, solid understanding of corporate dynamics, problem solving, customer needs and team working & team building.

Mr.Dilip Machado‘s sharp business acumen will enrich the Board of Kothari Industrial Corporation Limited and will enable Kothari Industrial Corporation Limited, to get valuable guidance and help to promote trading activities & other business activities, both domestic & International.

Mr.D.Gunasekaran, Director (Independent)

Mr. D.Gunasekaran (DIN 07326495) is an Independent Director on the Board of M/s.Kothari Industrial Corporation Limited effective 30th October 2015.

Mr. Gunasekaran is a seasoned banker with significant experience both at field and in administrative and corporate offices. Mr. Gunasekaran is a B.A.Graduate and a Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers.

Having started his career in Indian Overseas Bank and he has worked at various levels. His experience in banking sector includes Credit, Investment, Personnel Administration, Compliance and Risk Management. He has served in managerial cadre for more than 15 years.

He has left a deep imprint on all the positions he has held by dint of his passion for raising the bar and redefining the roles. A person known for his strong inter-personal skills, he contributes immensely to strategy and policy formation.

The Board of Kothari Industrial Corporation Limited would be immensely benefited by his guidance in Financial & Strategic Planning for its current & future endeavors.