At KICL we time and again believe that we must make a difference to the Indian farmer. We produce high-quality fertilizers and insecticides catering to the Indian farmer’s need to protect and nurture his crops.

But, even during good farming years, agricultural inputs are under-utilized, mostly due to multiple intermediaries and volatile commodity prices. To beat this trend, KICL is the only agro input company that stays close to the farmer, supporting him with appropriate extension services. We play a significant role in raising farm productivity resulting in raising food production, and quality nutritional content.

– Because we know that there are millions of smallholder farms in the heartland who are completely disconnected from markets and caught in destructive cycles of economic, social and environmental degradation.

– Because we understand that the transformation of small holder operations into intensive, sustainable and diversified farm enterprises is a development challenge – but with innovative methods to reach them with the right kind of inputs, we believe we can raise farm productivity and create sustainable farm enterprises.

– Because we constantly reflect upon what our markets will look like in 10 years, and we design internal initiatives that have the potential to transform large and smallholder agriculture, and urban agriculture in a way that will create value for both our industry and the society.

Our business portfolio is an expression of our unique strength of extending backward linkages that we’ve established with farmers.